About Us

Who We Are

Uncover potential. Inspire people. When the right vision meets great passion, the possibilities are limitless.

The Greaten Bridge story started from a simple vision - to help people everywhere achieve their full potential and embrace a larger life.

Established in 2019 by its founder cum CEO Ms Michelle Koh, GB is driven by a passion for bridging people to their aspirations and personal definition of success. It is her firm belief that a lifestyle of fulfilment and success should not be attainable only by a select few, but anybody who is willing to work for it. And GB is envisioned as the platform to bring these incredible success stories to life.

The company draws upon Michelle's wealth of over twenty years' experience, as well as sharp business and strategic acumen, to shape a culture of value, honesty and growth. For Michelle, GB is more than just a business but a labour of love in giving back to others. It is indeed a place where dreams are transformed into a reality of wealth, success and happiness.

What We Do

Envision your success | Execute your strategy | Empower your future

GB's profit strategy leverages on two modern global trends which have redefined businesses over the past decade. Firstly, the global healthcare industry which has exceeded the trillion-dollar mark and is projected to continue expanding as worldwide aging and healthcare needs increase. GB taps into this by specialising in top quality healthcare products enriched by cutting-edge technology.

On the other hand, this is an era where passive income and financial freedom have become increasingly common buzzwords. Hence, GB positions itself as a platform where every individual is free to work towards building their own sustainable income source. The company has innovated a strategic marketing plan which includes focusing, creativity, and eye-catching market opportunities backed by an excellent product base, business platform and incentive culture.

Another of GB's greatest assets is our strong core team formed by experts and professional leaders in their respective marketing fields. Collectively, the team brings to the table various skillsets to build powerful new opportunities and enhance lives everywhere.